Digi International Acquires Ventus Holdings, Leader in Managed Network-as-a-Service
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Find the IoT products, software, services and IT solutions you need to connect, solve problems and harness ROI.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Connect your devices with versatile modules and powerful single-board computers designed for rapid deployment and scalability.

Digi Remote Manager®

The command center for intelligent networks and devices

Networking Systems

Networking Systems

Maintain constant flow of data between your devices with secure cellular routers and gateways built to handle networks of various speeds and sizes.

Digi TrustFence® Security


Explore an expanding portfolio of purpose-built IoT and M2M solutions that help connect
more than 200 million devices in essential applications.

IoT and IT Solutions

Ready to move to 5G?

Digi's 5G product suite is growing

Digi is rapidly rolling out 5G business solutions for all commercial applications, ranging from enterprise to industrial to transportation applications.

Meet Our 5G Solutions

What Is Industrial IoT (IIoT)?

Developing and deploying a wireless application requires the right products for the right use case. Especially when it comes to the industrial IoT – where devices can be subjected to temperature extremes, moisture, vibration and other environmental factors. Digi specializes in serving the demanding applications in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) market with ruggedized cellular solutions and supporting services.

IIoT applications run the gamut from outdoor digital signage to water/wastewater management, smart city lighting, municipal transit, traffic management, precision agriculture, utilities and metering, manufacturing automation and remote industrial monitoring.

Hardened, high-performance Digi IoT solutions for the industrial space include industrial cellular routers, transportation cellular routers as well as wireless SOMs, embedded RF modules and Digi Remote Manager - the remote device management platform to monitor and manage device networks of any size and perform out-of-band management from a desktop or mobile device.

Download the Industrial IoT Solutions Brochure
Remote Device Management

For any IoT device deployment of more than a few devices, teams deploying IoT solutions need a remote management system to support configuration, monitoring, security, firmware updates, troubleshooting and out-of-band management. Digi RM is the command center for your device network, providing the tools for configuring and managing your devices.

IoT Devices

The need for IoT products is on a growth trajectory, encompassing everything from wireless IoT solutions such as embedded system-on-modules and RF modules to cellular routers and gateways. Digi is a leading provider of IoT products and solutions supporting industries from retail and banking to medical, transportation and remote industrial applications.

IoT Services

Defining the needs for wireless IoT solutions is a complex process, as are the subsequent phases, which include prototyping, designing, certifying, configuring and deploying your IoT application. Digi provides IoT services to support the complete lifecycle of product ideation, development, and management of IoT embedded designs as well as deployment of packaged solutions.


Technology is ever changing, and Digi is on the cutting edge, delivering the technologies you need to solve problems, work smarter, connect faster and grow.



FirstNet is a nationwide, interoperable, broadband wireless network that delivers pre-emptive voice, text and data for first responders and critical infrastructure, even in times of large-scale public emergencies.

Get ready and stay ready with FirstNet
Private LTE based on CBRS

Private LTE Based on CBRS

With coverage or capacity issues sometimes limiting the availability of public LTE or Wi-Fi networks, organizations in the U.S. are increasingly turning to CBRS to meet their connectivity needs.

Digi is ready to help you deploy
Out-of-Band Management

Out-of-Band Management

Organizations that need secure, remote access and control of their infrastructure are deploying out-of-band management solutions to provide uninterrupted availability for devices.

Learn about secure OOB management

SmartSense by Digi

SmartSense by Digi provides turnkey IoT services for automating temperature and task management. No additional hardware or IT support needed.

Discover SmartSense by Digi

Opengear, a Digi Company

Opengear brings business continuity through Smart Out-of-Band management, combined with NetOps capabilities. Secure remote access to critical devices, independent of the production network.

Visit Opengear

Ventus, A Digi Company

Ventus provides managed Network-as-a-Service (MNaaS) solutions that simplify the complexity of enterprise wide area network (WAN) connectivity.

Visit Ventus
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